Flush Wall Vent (Luxe) (10″x30.25″)

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An ultra-minimal, flush drywall vent. The drywall bead conforms perfectly into the surface. Once installed, only the rectangular air channel remains visible. This variant, formerly known as Drywall Pro, is available in both supply vent and bigger air return diameters.

Must be installed at the drywalling stage. Installation must be completed by an expert.
Apply only to drywall surfaces.
For larger vents, joists may need to be notched.
Air Flow – Complete airflow control. Slide the tray to reach the air flow dampers at any time.
Easy Cleaning – Simply slide and remove the tray to clean the ducts.

Install is best done by a Pro
Material –
Solid Steel
Size: 10″x30.25″
Colour: Satin White
Air Flow: Single Channel or Double Channel


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