Exhaust Mount (Lite) (14″x14″)

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Price-conscious, ultra-minimal exhaust fan mount and cover manufactured from lightweight ABS plastic. Available with a drywall bead that blends flawlessly into the drywall surface. If you prefer a more DIY approach, it is also available with a frame.

An affordable alternative to the Luxe model.
Can be painted or wallpapered to match the existing ceiling/wall.
Removes ugly exhaust fan covers.
Easy to clean – remove the tray to access and service the exhaust fan.

To remove the centre component, unclip the support legs.
Unclip the support legs one at a time. (Do not force into the center piece; always remove when legs are unclipped.)
Compatible Fans:
The exhaust fan housing must measure up to 12″x12″; double-check to ensure yours will fit! The Flush Exhaust Mount [Lite] works with a wide range of Panasonic WhisperCeiling, WhisperFit, and WhisperGreen models.
Size: 14″x14″
Colour: White
Style:Framed and Flushed



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